About Us

Our mission:

Besta Cork's mission is to provide the world with innovative and sustainable products. Our vision is to help the human race take steps, no matter how big or how small, towards making the world a better, friendlier, and more sustainable place to live.

Besta Cork is a manufacturing and retail company based in Scranton, Pennsylvania that provides innovative, hand-crafted products. Our products are non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable, antibacterial, and 100% sustainable. 

Cork provides us with biodegradable material that can be easily shaped while maintaining its natural texture. One of the focuses of Besta Cork is to maintain commitment using sustainable materials in producing our products. Our vision is to be a company that cares about the environment and its diminishing resources.



Meet the owners:

 Shawn Whitiak

Michelle Mendez

Operations Manager

Creative Director

24, BS in Business Management - Keystone College


22, BA in Advertising - Temple University